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Oral Moisturizer

MucoPEG™ is a prescription oral moisturizer, cleared by the FDA for marketing in the U.S.A in Nov. 2019.
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  • MucoPEG™, when applied to the mouth, effectively coats the damaged areas of epithelia to provide relief from dry mouth symptoms and discomfort.

Indications for Use:
Relieve the symptoms and discomfort of dry mouth, refresh, moisturize/hydrate, clean, soothe oral irritation, and lubricate oral dryness.

Directions for Use:
MucoPEG™ is to be dissolved in water before application using the following steps;

  • 1. Remove the cap from the accessory bottle provided in the MucoPEG™ box.
  • 2. Fill tap water in the bottle up to the 20 mL (0.7 oz) mark on the bottle.
    Note: Distilled or purified water may be used.
  • 3. Open one packet of MucoPEG™ and dispense into the bottle.
  • 4. Close the cap on the bottle and shake until MucoPEG™ is completely dissolved.
  • 5. Apply the solution to the mouth immediately after dissolution (within 15 sec.).
  • 6. Swish for 30-60 sec. and spit out (Do NOT swallow).
  • 7. Rinse the mouth with water thoroughly (3 sec.).
How to Use

MucoPEG™ is to be stored in a freezer at the temperature of -20±5 °C (-4±9 °F). Do not leave the product under room temperature conditions for more than 72 hours to achieve the intended effectiveness.

A Post-approval Clinical Trial: MucoPEG vs. biotene (Draft data as of end of March 2023)


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